The Quarter Zip Comeback

Hey guys!

Let me put it out there once again: layering really is the only reason why I love fall and winter. Not only are you staying warm with the plethora of clothing on your body, but you're also looking super stylish! There is also a multitude of possibilities with existing pieces in your wardrobe that you've either forgotten about, or choose not to wear anymore. It's a sad truth, but we're always craving more and more clothes - when we really have quite a bit most of the time! So it really does encourage us to recycle our clothing in one way or another (my belief in sustainability speaking out)

Upon doing a bit of fall cleaning and such, a few pieces that I didn't wear as often stood out to me as real contenders for these upcoming seasons. There is one particular piece however, that I have become extremely fond of - and have seen many guys wear them well as of late. It makes me so happy seeing it styled so well!

Gentlemen, the quarter zip sweater.

I firmly believe that they're making a comeback this season. They provide a greater visibility to your shirt (as opposed to your typical crew-neck sweater) while still keeping you warm and covered. The zipper also adds a bit of a classic refined detail that I really like. It's a hybrid sweater/cardigan if you wanna call it that, but I think there's so much potential to a piece that's generally regarded as a 'dad' piece. It's great digging up mundane garments and making them exciting with a creative twist.

As for my outfit, I took a funky plaid shirt (to be fair, was a little too much on it's own!) and layered it with a grey quarter-zip sweater. I kept it really simple by throwing on a pair of dark rinse denim while adding a suede boot for warmth and an edgy touch. The final piece is a wool blazer that compliments the look and adds a more stylish flare to the outfit. Overall, it's casual yet put together (I love saying that). You could very choose to replace the blazer with another outerwear garment, such as a windbreaker or quilted jacket, but I thought the blazer was appropriate for this outfit choice.








Photos are courtesy of the talented Sean Pollock (@seanpollock).

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