The Simple and Comfortable SOFT 8 Sneaker by ECCO

I'm the type of guy that likes simple and versatile sneakers. A pair that you can wear with pretty much anything. It's also nice to be able to slip on a casual shoe when you're in a hurry, without thinking about whether they'll work or not with your outfit choice. There are many sneakers out there, and some try to do too much - whether it's colour, designs - you name it. And there's nothing wrong with that because every sneaker serves its purpose or niche. But when we're talking super simple sneakers, ECCO has come up with something simple yet exciting.

The SOFT 8 sneaker collection is a monochromatic line of clean-cut choices. With only black and white to choose from, any colour combination of clothing can work really well with them. The prevalent element of Scandinavian minimalism creates a contemporary feel to the sneaker, which makes them perfect for the city during day and night. The soft leather exterior is also super sleek, and as you wear them in, the natural cracking adds a bit of character to the shoe. They're also extremely comfortable, which goes a long way for me. Being able to wear a pair of shoes for a long time is a luxury of it's own. We've all had experiences where we simply couldn't wait to get out of a pair of shoes, including sneakers. To add to that, it wasn't bad breaking into this pair, which was a sign of good quality materials (that tends to be the case most of the time). I've had them for a little bit now and although I'm interested to see how well they wear in, they've been everything I can expect out of a good quality sneaker.

I'll be honest, I usually overlook ECCO when it comes to sneaker choice. Not because the designs aren't great, but due to the fact that nothing stood out to me. So when I came across the SOFT 8 sneaker by ECCO, I had to do a double take. On top of that, the comfort aspect really made the difference. I suggest giving them a try next time you swing by an ECCO store, you'll be amazed at the sheer quality and simplicity of this pair of sneakers.

If you're not really into the black and white colour way, check out the white on white pair.

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