The Simple Messenger Bag For A Great Cause

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When I came across the JOGGO messenger bag, I immediately knew I had to shed light on what this Toronto brand really does. They do more than make a stylish canvas messenger bag. The name JOGGO, stands for Journey to Greater Good - and they really are about making positive change. Profits from this bag are helping displaced families, especially children, get back into school and continue their own journeys to greater good.

With each purchase they help educate refugee kids through a partnership with CARE Canada. In honour of World Refugee Day this year, they have set a goal to send 50 refugee kids to school in the next 3 years and are well on their way to achieving their goal for 2016. It's really heartwarming knowing that you can help others while making fashionable choices.

The beautifully crafted canvas messenger bags are ethically manufactured at a Women's Coop in Nepal. With fair-trade certified materials, the bag is a sustainable choice for anyone wishing to make a small difference. While the bag is comfortable to carry around, it also maintains a stylish edge that can fit into anyone's wardrobe. From a personal standpoint, it goes beyond the style of the bag itself, since I feel better knowing that I'm supporting a good cause. When we make personal fashion choices, we tend to overlook the process in which the garment was made (people are progressively becoming more conscious though). However, knowing the story of the product helps authenticate the experience, especially when we're aiming to support a cause. Some of us don't know where to start when it comes to donations or support, but I find that through initiatives like this, people are given an easier way of becoming involved.






Photos are courtesy of the talented Aous Poules (@aous_photo)

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