The Versatility and Comfort of Kotn

Looking for good, simple and sustainable layering pieces?

Our friends at Kotn have just that.

All their products are essentials that are made from Egyptian cotton, all while using ethical production practices. What else is there to say?

As essentials, everything is fairly simple. No surprises. But how can you elevate these 'simple essential' pieces into more?

Let's get creative! (I mean you could totally wear Kotn as lounge wear, but I thought hey, why not?)

As with most looks, I love to layer. With 'The Longsleeve', I tried a variety of different combinations to see how far one piece can go. I can also say that with every combination, the comfort was there - which was a relief since some sweaters tend to get itchy - or simply fit a little weird over a button-up.

Beyond that, the sweater was warm, without feeling too heavy. Usually I tend to sweat in the lower back area with such layers, but with this sweater it was very minimal.


For the rest of the look - I kept it simple but interesting with casual plaid shirt, layered with a light military jacket. The 3 light layers combined really keep you warm, all while looking stylish. Perfect for fall, right? Finally. for the lower half, I wore a pair of dark rise denim, with a distressed Clark's desert boot.

Overall, it's a fun fall look that's really comfortable for how it looks.









You can find more Kotn products here. Photos are by the talented Ahmed Alkoka (@ahmedalkoka).



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