Tweeding Around with Details

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Back again with an outfit post! Keeping it short and sweet as usual, but were going to explore some options when it comes to styling your suit this season. Whether it's a tweed suit or not, there are small touches of detail you can add to spiff up your look. Although I've briefly touched upon this topic in this post, this will go slightly further into more aesthetic options, as opposed to just staying warm.

But if you're wondering why I chose to focus on a tweed suit specifically, it's because there have been a lot of gents asking me, 'what kind of suits are suitable for winter?'

I may have answered your question already, but yes - a tweed suit is in fact one of your best options for the upcoming winter. If you're wondering what tweed is, it simply is 'a rough-surfaced woolen cloth, typically of mixed flecked colors'. Some guys aren't big fans of tweed because it can get itchy, while also being a tad-bit heavier in terms of fabric weight. However, it will keep you warm and stylish - especially if you can't be bothered to wear a bigger coat or parka. I would like to also mention that there are many other merino wool suits that are lighter but still fairly warm, since the natural properties of the merino fibre help to insulate the body against temperature extremes on either end of the scale.

Let's get into the details.


Keeping it Simple



You might be the type of guy that really doesn't like adding much to their suit. That's totally fine. Most of the time, simple is the way to go. However, up your shirt game a bit by doing a gingham print and get a statement tie. This is a wider tie, and yes they're not quite as popular anymore, but it really goes a long way with a suit like this.


A Little Bit of Flair




For the guy that wants to add more than just a tie, here's a quick suggestion. You cannot go wrong with a lapel pin (poppy in this case), since it is a subtle yet attractive detail. Most of the time it adds a small pop to your look. Another option is to throw in a pocket square and get a little funky. It's a lot of fun, and it looks pretty darn good, pretty much all the time.


Warm and Stylish




This one's for all you gents that want to be bold with your look and make a stylish statement. Wrap around a light scarf (some heavier scarves work too), and put it under your blazer's lapels. Adjust it so that it fits just under your blazer's collar and allow it show your tie and shirt details. You can't go wrong with how stylish this looks, not to mention that it will add a bit of warmth to your ensemble. Also, the gloves here are just as significant. You're keeping warm while adding more flair to your look, especially with a good pair of leather driving gloves. Even other leather gloves work just as good. Toss them into your blazer chest pocket for additional style points!


Suit - JCrew

Tie - Tom Ford

Shirt - Indochino

Gloves - Club Monaco

Boots - Geox

Scarf - Club Monaco

Pocket Square - Etsy

Photos are courtesy of Sean Pollock. Do yourself a favour and check out more of his fantastic work at



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