Venturing Out With the 2018 Honda CR-V

When I think of going on a road trip, my mind immediately shifts to having an SUV for the long journey. A comfortable, fuel-efficient and large sized vehicle (but not too large) that can really elevate the adventure. I spent some time with the 2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid about a year ago and I absolutely loved it, but I really wanted to give it's best-selling rival a chance, the Honda CR-V.

I've been big fan of both vehicles for a while, and although I've owned neither, I was really curious to see how they compared in various aspects. The CR-V got a face lift last year and I'm a big fan of the change. It looks wilder, with a more streamlined appearance, which really elevates the vehicle's overall feel. I had the chance to drive a friend's 2015 CR-V a little while back and I really enjoyed the ride, so I thought why not give the updated model a chance? (I also really prefer the newer model's appearance)

I really wanted to get behind the wheel of this bad boy, so I got a press loan for a week and I was blown away. As much of a car lover that I am, it's not often that I really wish I had more time with one car. I genuinely enjoyed the 2018 Honda CR-V EX Touring for many reasons. Here's why:

It's really not just an appearance thing with the 2018 model. It's got a turbocharged engine that provides power without sacrificing fuel efficiency. I was getting over 500 km on a full tank, even with a little bit of off-roading. It's an extremely comfortable ride, and the interior has the feel of most modern vehicles, where tech features are seamless and easy to use. But best of all was how great it handled! It has a fantastic feel behind the wheel; you really feel in control and it's really fun to drive regardless of location or terrain. There's an ample amount of leg room and the car feels very spacious on the inside, which really makes it feel like mid-size SUV as opposed to it's compact SUV class. It makes sense why this beauty is ranked among the top selling SUV's in the country (according to Globe and Mail), it really is something.

It's also a rather affordable vehicle for what it is. The LX model starts at around $27,290, so it's a fairly competitive price compared to it's rivals. If you're someone who shares the same excitement for this vehicle, I encourage you to take it for a test drive and see how it feels for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

All the opinions in this article are mine. This is not a sponsored post, I simply enjoyed the Honda CR-V so much that I really wanted to share this review.

All photography is courtesy of Ahmed Alkoka (@ahmedalkoka)

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