Who says you can’t wear more than one collared shirt?

Who says you can’t wear more than one collared shirt?

More than one collar on your neck? No problem.

Again, as you can see I like to layer. I find it gives an outfit more detail and allows it to have much more of a personality. Here I wore a simple button up topped with another casual military shirt, and threw on the denim jacket to make the look more casual. The corduroy tie and the tie bar add a bit of sophistication and detail, which prevents the outfit from being too casual. The lighter pair of jeans work because it creates a contrast between the upper half and the lower half, but a darker pant works really well with something like this. Finally, casual oxfords without socks really show off that spring look that I was going for. If you don’t like wearing shoes with no socks, you can always pick up loafer socks, which are really low cut and don’t show beyond a certain part of your foot (feels like you’re wearing a sock, even though it doesn’t look like it).

Since all the layers are light, this outfit can carry you through your entire spring day. If you’re not a tie guy, you can get dangerous with a bow tie or simply remove the accessory and button up all the way, or leave one button open. Also, if you think that this is too many layers, you can lose the denim jacket and work with just two layers. Your choice!

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