Who Says You Can't Dress Up Sweatpants?

The common purpose for wearing sweatpants is comfort - and laziness. We've all been there. However, you can totally implement sweatpants into a more stylish outfit; so you can look good and be comfortable!

You can start by finding a slimmer fitting pair of sweats (The ones I'm wearing are from Club Monaco, however there are cheaper alternatives from H&M, Zara, etc.) You can wear them normally or roll them a few times to show off a funky sock. This is simply done to add more detail, even though it might look overdone. You can choose not to add socks if you wish. As for the top, button ups and oxfords are casual options that dress up the sweats immediately. Colour is not an issue as most sweatpants come in neutral colours and can be easy to match with. I chose to add a pullover over top to create a collegiate/varsity look, but you can try other options such as cardigans or blazers! For the shoes you can wear brogues like I did here or add a running shoe or another style of loafer. It's up to you! The result is always comfortable and simple looking, yet you stand out because who really dresses up sweatpants?


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