Why lululemon is One of the Best Choices for Versatility and Comfort

Hey guys!

So as much as I am a fan of nicely tailored dress-wear, I absolutely love pieces that are comfortable yet stylish.

And yes, this is my third post in regards to lululemon (You can check out my first article here and my second article here) - because I've really fallen in love with the simplicity and comfort that their pieces offer. Sometimes you can't even tell that a garment is from lululemon because of it's sheer simplicity. Contrary to the common misconception, lululemon does make non-workout clothing. Heck, even their workout pieces can be worn functionally.

The comfort

As many of you know, the comfort aspect is present in all (based on everything I've tried so far) lululemon clothing. This helps make any piece wearable, without having the worry of getting restless at any point. It also works in favor of the transitioning aspect - when you're trying to dress better and don't know where to start, you can pick up a long sleeve polo (as worn below) or an oxford. This is especially useful for guys who are big on comfort, and refuse to sacrifice that for style.

The Versatility

For those wondering what versatility is, it's how one piece can adapt or work with others. Usually simple pieces make for the best versatile garments. You can mix and match easily - and pretty much wear them with really anything. Again, for guys who are on the dressier side, this can work in their favour because they're used to the typical business casual look, and you can achieve that by simply layering an oxford with a crew neck. It can even go further wear the oxford is used as a more functional dress shirt with a tie. But overall, you're still maintaining the aspect of comfort, while having the ability to wear a piece with anything you desire.

I put together an outfit consisting only of lululemon to see how stylish I can get with just their pieces. Although I kept it rather simple, it's still hard to tell that the whole look is in fact, from lululemon! Have a look!









Photos are by the talented @ahmedalkoka and @seanpollock.


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