Winter Wonderland

Buonasera  y’all, and welcome to my first blog post. Pharaoh of Thebes here (or as Abdulla likes to call me Pharaoh of Kalbs). Here’s a teaser post of a few pics we’ve taken together, and the weather at the time was blizzard-ish. So the aim of this post (and the full post coming later on) is to show you that you can layer up and stay warm (at the same damn time – 2 Chainz voice) without having to look like you’re going ice fishing.




Rocking a tie out in public does NOT mean you’re going to some fancy event that needs you to have a tie on. I personally hate it when you do so and everyone keeps asking “What are you so dressed up for?” / “Who’ the lucky girl?”, “Bitch! Can’t I put on a tie to go grocery shopping in peace???? I like to dapper up for my bacon, ok??!!?”  The whole point here is to try and venture out of what’s conventional into what’s multidimensional (like the sock tie/ tweed blazer here). This is an ideal outfit to keep it suave for the classroom (we’re gentlemen of the University now, dress the part) and ready for a night out, without having to rush home to change between both settings.





On the flipside, I layered up a little differently than Abdulla, I opted for a leather bomber jacket rather than tweed (I can’t rock it like he can) with a Tommy zip-sweater underneath for extra warmth. I usually like to contrast my color combinations, but since the fall/winter time is my favorite time to play around with pastels and test out the interesting combinations, I decided to run with it.

Hope this teaser finds you all well, and I hope you’re as excited as we are to release the full post soon! In the meantime, for all you Breaking Bad fan boys/fan girls, check out Better Call Saul, seems like it’ll go somewhere interesting! Til next time, don’t be afraid to experiment a little and go outside your usual!

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